Best AR-15 Gas Blocks

Best AR-15 Gas Blocks

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AR-15 Gas Blocks

Most standard AR-15s use a direct gas impingement system that entails a recurrent operation using gas channeled back into the bolt carrier. For this process to be successful, there must be a gas tube and gas block installed on your AR-15.

Basics of AR-15 Gas Block

What is a gas block anyway? It’s a small part of the AR-15 fitted at the front and top part of the barrel and connects the gas tube that directs gas to the upper receiver. The gas block’s primary function is to trap excess gas from the barrel that is then directed to the gas tube. The gas is then directed to the bolt carrier, causing the cartridge’s extraction for another to be chambered from the magazine.

Gas blocks are of two main categories, i.e., standard and adjustable gas block. The standard/fixed gas block is what you probably you might find in a new standard AR-15. It allows a fixed amount of gas to travel through the tube. In most cases, that gas might be more than required. On the other hand, the adjustable gas block allows you to regulate the amount of gas getting into the gas tube. Therefore, no excess gas gets into the bolt carrier.

Now, let’s look into the best AR-15 gas blocks available in the market.

Best AR-15 Gas Blocks

Standard/ fixed/ Non-adjustable Gas Blocks

  1. Faxon Firearms Ultra Low-Profile Gas Block

If you are on a too-tight budget and feel a standard gas block is right for you, why don’t you try the Faxon Firearms Ultra Low-Profile gas block? It comes with a nice black finish and is made from high-quality steel.

It’s well designed to fit in any barrel with a standard gas journal diameter and integrates with the most rail system on your AR-15. Also, it’s lightweight and an easy gas block to install using a 3 Allen key interface.

  1. Vltor Low-Profile Gas Block

Second on this list is the Vltor Low-Profile gas block that is also fixed. However, it’s relatively costly compared to its counterpart from Faxon firearm. It’s among the best AR-15 gas blocks, and it’s known for its extreme reliability.

Vltor offers this product with either a black or silver finish. Also, there two attachment methods you select from, i.e., Clamp-On and Set-Screw.  Both of the designs are compatible with most rail systems. You can choose the most suitable one from the three different sizes, i.e., 0.750 inches, 0.625 inches, and 0.875 inches.

Adjustable Gas Blocks

  1. Seekins Precision .750 Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block

Do you need an affordable yet quality adjustable AR-15 gas block? The Seekins Precision .750 is your choice. It’s made from steel and coated with a melonite finish and adjustment screws.

The installation and tuning process is easy to handle. Also, it runs the process of regulating gas effectively and is a reliable gas block for the task. Finally, Seekin Precision offers this same gas block model in other sizes of .625 and .875.

  1. Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block

The Superlative Arms adjustable gas block is among the best adjustable blocks available in the market. However, its price is slightly higher than that of the Seekins Precision .750. It features a low-profile design and fits under most AR-15 handguards. Superlative Arms designed it with a 30 position adjustability and a melonite finish on the stainless steel.

The captive screws and detent system are easy to adjust. This gas block is so effective in its function and even allows a shooter to manage the excess gas in the front part of the gas block, thus creating the preferred pressure in the gas impingement system of your AR-15. Finally, this gas block is significant in reducing heat build-up and managing recoil. You get a great value from the Superlative Arms adjustable gas block.

  1. Odin Works Adjustable Gas Block

This adjustable low profile gas block from Odin Works offers an extreme adjustability level than most gas blocks available in the market. It has over 20 adjustment points. Also, it’s suitable for unsuppressed and suppressed AR-15 builds.

It’s made of carbon steel and coated with a nitride finish. This AR-15 gas block is easy to adjust, reliable and affordable.  Finally, it comes with detent wrenches, set screws, and a cross pin. The three are essential for installation.

  1. JP Enterprises .750 Adjustable Gas Block

If the regular purpose of your AR-15 is competition and hunting varmint, the JP Enterprise .750 is what you need for the tasks. Like many other AR-15 gas blocks, it’s made of stainless steel but comes in two colors, i.e., QPO and stainless steel finish.

It offers value for your money. The .750 JP’s adjustable gas block perform its function as expected, allowing for easier adjustments? Additionally, it reliable and helps in managing recoil. Lastly, it features an excellent design that fits nicely under many AR-15 handguards.


The above are among the best AR-15 gas blocks offered in the market. However, depending on a shooter’s needs, there is one for everyone. Most importantly, don’t consider price over quality. For instance, the above list of adjustable blocks are of high quality thus reliable, improve your AR-15’s performance, and effective in their intended function. Changing your AR-15 gas block is one of the best AR-15 upgrades.