Best Custom Handguns 2021

What are the Best Custom Handguns 2021?

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Best Custom Handguns 2021

One of the big investments gun owners make is in gun customs. Like car enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars modifying their car parts and systems or purchasing particular car models, gun enthusiasts also invest significantly in custom guns. This article looks into the best custom handguns you should consider buying in 2021.

Unlike standard handguns, custom handguns are enhanced with great and/or extra features; thus, they tend to function better with excellent performance. Their prices are also relatively higher while others are extremely pricey. However, price is not essential since you get a lot from custom handguns than standard handguns.

Below is a list of the best custom handguns 2021.

best custom handguns 2021
Best Custom Handguns 2021

1. Colt Special Combat Government

The first on this list is the Colt Special Combat Government. Not talking about Colt handguns on this list is similar to talking about cars and not mention Toyota. Colt has been building some of the top-notch custom handguns for decades. It’s a legendary brand that has manufactured firearms adopted by the U.S military since they are reliable, accurate, and outstanding.

The Colt Special Combat Government has been enhanced with excellent gunsmith work, making it one of the best custom handguns in the market. It features custom Double-diamond grip & stock, ambidextrous safety, blade front/ adjustable rear sights, a 5-inch throated barrel, a steel checkered mainspring housing, and a custom-tuned single action. Among other customs include a flared ejection port, extended magazine well, polished feed ramp, and an S&A magazine guide.

In case you are looking for a competition handgun, you cannot go wrong with the Colt Special Combat Government. It offers exceptional performance.

2. Nighthawk Mongoose Custom Super Sport Revolver

If you have been into guns, you surely understand that Nighthawk Custom is a “GOAT” in manufacturing custom handguns. One of their unique and outstanding builds is the Nighthawk Mongoose Custom Super Sport Revolver. It’s not your typical revolver, from its features to price tag. However, it’s worth the investment.

What does this revolver have to offer? You should expect a four-position front sight, adjustable rear sight, a cold-forged precision barrel, detachable side panels, a Jim Wilson grip, high-speed hammer, and Picatinny Rails on the barrel housing. I can’t forget to mention the changeable cylinder. Depending on your preference, you can go with the polymer grip or the wooden grip design.

The Nighthawk Super Sport is a 6-round revolver that chambers the .357 Magnum. It’s designed as a modern hunting revolver but can handle shooting competitions and be used as a home-defense firearm.

However, this custom handgun has much to offer; therefore, you should be ready for a hard knock on your bank account. Also, it’s not as lightweight but not extremely heavy as other revolvers.

3. ZEV OZ9 X GRIP FDE 9mm Pistol

In case you are looking for a reasonably priced custom handgun, you should add the ZEV OZ9 X GRIP 9mm Pistol to your list. It comes with a full-sized grip that is easily switchable with that of a compact Glock 17 size. It’s the ultimate handgun for someone who wants one for competition or a concealed carry.

ZEV Technologies designed this handgun with a compact FDE slide, a Picatinny rail, Combat V3 rear sight, Fiber Optic front sight, a polymer grip, a 4.03-inch DLC barrel, and a Cerakote finish on the slide.

It utilizes the striker action and chambers the 9mm. Also, it comes along with two-17 rounds magazines.

It’s moderately priced than the Colt Special Combat Government and cheaper than the Nighthawk Mongoose Custom Super Sport Revolver.

4. Wilson Combat EDC X9

If you are looking for a custom handgun that is authentic and made of quality, the Wilson Combat EDC X9 is the ultimate choice on this list. You will use it for decades. You might even think of transferring its ownership to your 21-year grandson. Let’s see what it has to offer.

The engineers behind this work designed it with a 4-inch stainless cone barrel, adjustable tactical fiber optic front sight, a compact size Aluminum X-frame and Ball Endmill cuts. It also comes with two-18 rounds of magazines with Magwell. The black DLC finish is attractive on the slide.

The EDC X9 is a fair concealed carry handgun perfect for self-defense purposes. Its performance is commendable, with good accuracy at 25 yards and a crisp trigger pull. Finally, it’s reliable; thus, you can depend on it for most tasks at hand.

5. Springfield 1911 Compact Carry .45 ACP

We all know that 1911s are a big deal in the semi-automatic pistol category. The Springfield 1911 Compact Carry pistol is on another level and one of the market’s best custom handguns.

It features a custom fit slide, custom steel match hammer & sear, extended ambidextrous thumb safety, dovetail front sights, Novak style rear sight, beveled magazine well, 3-dot tritium inserts, and checkered cocobolo grips. It’s also offered with two-6 rounds of magazines.

The Springfield 1911 Compact is a reliable handgun that functions well and will last years. It’s also a good concealed carry.

Another good custom handgun from Springfield Armory is the 1911-A1 Custom Professional. It’s built on a full national match frame and slide, walnut grips front night sight, and a 5-inch barrel. Lastly, it chambers the same .45 ACP.

6. Dan Wesson Elite Series Fury

The Elite Series Fury is another quality custom handgun you should purchase if you need a competition pistol. It’s a quality handgun perfect for your home defense purposes. It’s lightweight, thus allowing easy handling.

It features a Flat-K style trigger, G10 grips, high fixed night sight, matte black slide, Trijicon RMR, a low mass hammer ambidextrous thumb safety, and grip safety.

The Elite Series Fury model has excellent features and offers great performance. The only downside is that it’s not common in gun stores since Wesson discontinued its production. However, you can find it in some stores.

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The above list comprises the best custom handguns you may consider purchasing in 2021. They cut across various budgets and are designed with incredible custom features that make them outstanding. The handguns are also made of the quality and will last long, just like other top-notch standard handguns.