Build an AR-7 Firearm

How to Build an AR-7 Firearm?

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Build an AR-7 Firearm

The AR 7 was designed in 1959 by Eugene Stoner. This semi-automatic firearm was later adopted and modified in the 1980s by the Israeli Air Force as a survival weapon for the aircrew team. It resulted in a more compact rifle with better reliability and durability.

Currently, many people refer to this rifle as the Henry U.S Survival AR-7. What makes the AR-7 so unique? It is a very portable firearm. The waterproof Stock can accommodate the Receiver, two magazines, Barrel, and Barrel retaining screw. Also, the Survival AR-7 will hardly sink in water. Most shooters use this firearm for recreational purposes and even self-defense purposes.

Building your own gun is an exceptional experience. What do you need, and how do you build an AR-7? Here is a comprehensive guide on how to build an AR-7 and the relevant parts required.

Build an AR-7 Firearm
Build an AR-7 Firearm

AR-7 Parts

While building any gun, it’s always good to use the right parts of a gun. Here are the parts and accessories of the AR-7.

  • Magazine(s)
  • Magazine Latch and Magazine Spring
  • Charging handle
  • Bolt
  • Ejector
  • Hammer & Trigger Spring
  • Stock pad
  • Barrel
  • Barrel Nut Lock washer
  • Sights
  • Hammer
  • Receiver Side Plate
  • Stock Assembly
  • Action Spring
  • Pins (you should have pins for the following: hammer pivot, Ejector, Trigger, firing pin assembly, and extractor assembly)
  • Nuts (have nuts compatible with the following parts: Barrel, stock takedown, and rear sight)

NOTE: The AR-7 may come in components of already assembled parts. In such instances, it will entail the following: the magazine, Receiver, butt plate, Barrel, and the Stock.

Additionally, there are essential tools you should consider having before you embark on building a gun. You must not have them, but they make it easier to undertake the whole process when used. Here is a list:

  • Screwdriver set
  • Allen wrenches
  • A nylon bench block- protects your gun finishes and the working table.
  • Pin punches
  • A bench vise- it acts as a third hand while working on your gun.
  • Safety glasses- protects your eyes against pins and springs that accidentally pop out while building your gun.
  • A nylon/brass hammer- helps drive in pins.

 Now that you have all the parts needed let’s look into how you can build your own AR-7.

ar-7 firearm

A Guide on how to Build an AR-7 Firearm

Below is a step by step process on how to assemble all the parts of an AR-7 to come up with a complete and functioning firearm.

However, before you start building your AR-7, ensure you have enough working space, appropriate gear, and enough lighting.

  • Start by fixing your magazine. Insert the Magazine Latch and Magazine Latch Spring into the magazine.
  • Place the stock pad into the Stock Assembly.
  • The next step will entail working on yourStrippedBarrel. First, drive in the Barrel Nut. Then proceed and add our sight on the Barrel.
  • Also, fix your Rear sight on the front part of the Receiver. Ensure the Rear Sight Screw is well tightened.
  • Continue and drive in your AR-7 Safety into its place on the side of your Receiver.
  • Now, it is time to work on your Bolt before it gets into the Receiver. Start by putting in place your Recoil Springs into the Bolt. On the rear side of the Bolt, there are two holes designed to accommodate the springs.
  • Also, place the Action Springs Guide into the Recoil Springs.
  • Install the Bolt Assembly into the Receiver. It should go into the rear side of the Receiver.
  • Immediately fix in place the charging handle into Bolt. You should push in the Bolt assembly until the Bolt Assembly side’s hole is well aligned to accommodate the Charging handle.
  • Join your AR-7 Hammer to the Hammer Trigger using the Hammer Pivot Pin. Then fix this assembly into the Receiver.
  • Go further and insert the Hammer Spring Retaining Pin before installing your AR-7 Trigger into the Receiver.
  • Position the Ejector into place on the Receiver. Do not forget to drive in your Ejector Pin to support the Ejector.
  • Fit in place your AR-7 Magazine Latch spring before you position your Magazine Latch on it.
  • Proceed and position the Side-plate on the Receiver to cover other parts you installed into the Receiver. Ensure it is well aligned and tightened using a Receiver Side-Plate Screw.
  • So far, you are a step ahead with a fully assembled AR-7 Receiver.
  • It is time you join the AR-7 Receiver to the AR-7 Stock Assembly. Fix the rear side of the Receiver into the Stock.
  • There is a hole to put in your AR-7 Takedown Screw on the lower side of the Stock. It helps fix and hold the Stock and the Receiver together. You should utilize your Takedown Screw Roll Pin.
  • Now join your Barrel to the Receiver. The rear and top side of the Barrel has a little knob on the top. On the other hand, the Receiver’s front part has a small space that should align with the Barrel’s knob.
  • Then move your Barrel Nut in a clockwise direction to tighten the Barrel and the Receiver together.
  • Check if all the screws are well tightened. Also, confirm that your Bolt, charging handle, and Trigger are working.
  • Feed-in your magazine.
  • Finally, get a safe place to test if your AR-7 is working effectively while acquiring different targets.

It is worth noting that the AR-7 allows space for customization. Depending on what suits you, it is easy to change a few features on this firearm. Among the common customs on the AR-7 include adjustable Stock, AR-15 pistol grips, custom barrels, muzzle devices, etc.

If you are that guy who needs something different, you may consider adding accessories and modifying it during the build.


The AR-7 is an excellent semi-automatic gun for many decades. If you maintain it well and use quality and appropriate ammunition, it will serve your shooting needs for a long time. A standard AR-7 built with quality parts is exceptionally reliable and accurate and stands out to be suitable for self-defense and target shooting purposes. To know about the cheapest guns in the USA, visit

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